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"The Story of Quadrelli"

Quadrelli were born from the imagination of Giuseppe Asaro , a young artisan from Canicattì, a town in the Sicilian hinterland, who saw in the simple ingredients such as selected almonds and local pistachios the possibility of creating a dessert that brings together cultural tradition and modern dietary needs.

Quadrelli are multi-layered almond brittle, baked and then garnished with an inviting Bronte pistachio grain that gives them a very pleasant taste as well as a brilliant appearance.

They take their name from the special shape of the cake, which, inside the elegant package, come individually bagged, allowing the product to maintain its crispness for six months from the date of production.

Quadrelli are dry sweets that lend themselves well to festive occasions, their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are crispy and at the same time crumbly combine the ancient “cultural” taste of “cubaita,” of Maghreb derivation, with the innovation of crumbliness. They can be eaten either as an aperitif, with sweet liqueurs, or as an end to a meal.

Because they are prepared with selected, high-quality ingredients, they are appetizing even for children with difficult palates and for the elderly with ‘chewing problems. They melt in the mouth!

The goodness of the cake depends not only on the quality of the raw materials, selected almonds and local pistachios, but above all it relies on the crumbly texture that is determined by the cutting of the almonds very thin, Eating one means falling into the classic “cherry” effect, one pulls the other.

Quadrelli’s thus rank high on the list of regional Sicilian desserts.

Our future goal will be to keep the characteristics of our product unchanged over time, among which certainly of great importance, its handcrafted nature and proven quality.

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