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croccante di mandorla con granella di pistacchio siciliano
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The Originals

The QUADRELLI are multi-layered almond biscuits, baked in the oven and then garnished with an enticing sprinkle of Bronte pistachios.

Quadrelli al Pistacchio,Dolci,Pistacchio
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A unique taste

Experience the intense and crunchy flavor of our pistachio QUADRELLI!

Each biscuit is made with quality ingredients and freshly chopped pistachios.

You'll be speechless!

- our products -

Strictly handmade

A balance of flavors and extraordinary delicacy on the palate make these specialties a unique pleasure, an absolute delight.

mandorle scont
- since 1995

Bakers by Passion

Our products are born from the imagination of Giuseppe Asaro, a young artisan from Canicattì, a town in the Sicilian hinterland, who sees in the simple ingredients such as selected almonds and local pistachios the possibility of creating sweets that bring together cultural tradition and modern dietary needs.

Our products are thus, in a highly prestigious plane in the ranking of regional Sicilian sweets in the world.

- Raw materials -

Quality comes first

The goodness of the cake depends not only on the quality of the raw materials, selected almonds and local pistachios, but above all it relies on the crumbly texture that is determined by the cutting of the almonds very thin, Eating one means falling into the classic “cherry” effect, one pulls the other.

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