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Almond Quadrelli 500gr


Crispy Sicilian almond layers with Bronte pistachio granules.

They are typically served as a dessert or snack and can be enjoyed on their own or paired with a cup of tea or coffee.

All quadrelli are individually packaged to preserve their freshness and crunchiness.

SKU: quadrelli-mandorle-500

The almond “quadrelli” with Bronte pistachio granules are an excellent sweet creation, carefully prepared to obtain a product of the highest quality. Each “quadrello” is crafted to give it a crunchy texture and intense fragrance.

The Bronte pistachio crumble, valued for its quality and intense flavor, is then used to cover each “quadrello,” creating a unique contrast of flavors and textures. The crunchiness of the “quadrelli” blends perfectly with the sweetness of the almond, creating an intense and satisfying taste experience.

The packaging has been carefully designed to ensure maximum freshness and to preserve the crunchiness of the almond “quadrelli” with Bronte pistachio granules. The goodness and quality of artisanal products are indeed our primary goal. That’s why we have chosen only the highest quality ingredients, processed using traditional techniques.

The almond quadrelli with Bronte pistachio granules are perfect to be enjoyed at any time of the day, accompanied by a nice cup of tea or coffee. Thanks to their elegant and refined packaging, they also make for an original and classy gift idea, capable of surprising and winning the heart of anyone who loves authentic and genuine flavors.

DENOMINATION Quadrelli – The Original (almond and pistachio pastry)
Structure Crunchy and crumbly.
Shape. Square and/or rectangular.
DIMENSION Six by six centimeters.
Crust With almond and pistachio flakes
COLOR Light hazelnut
Taste Almond flavor with hints of pistachio and milk.
INGREDIENTS (1) Almond 40%, glucose 20%, sugar 15%, dextrose 10%,pistachio 5%,milk powder,emulsifier(E471),

Soy lecithin. (E322).

Packaging Individually wrapped in custom transparent coex.
NUTRITIONAL VALUES For 100 grams of product For 18.5 g per QUADRELLO
Energy Value 2101KJ

501,86 Kcal



Fats 30,33 g 5,6 g
Of which saturated fatty acids 13,86 g 0,71g
Carbohydrates 51,9 g 9,6 g
Of which sugars 43,77 g 8,1 g
Fibers 3,33 g 0,6 g
Protein 11 g 2,1 g
Salt 80,85 g 14,9 g
Preservatives None
CONSERVATION Room temperature
Expiration date Six months from the production date.
Packaging Customized cardboard in various sizes.

(1) Pursuant to Annex II of Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, the substances highlighted in

The label can induce ‘allergic reactions’.

Weight 0,5 kg

500gr (27 pieces)


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