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Artisanal chocolate heart with pistachio granules


The chocolate heart with Bronte pistachio granules for Mother’s Day is truly a delightful gift. Thanks to its heart shape, this dessert reminds of the love and gratitude felt towards one’s mother, making it a perfect gift for this special occasion.

SKU: cuore-pistacchio

The chocolate, with its intense and enveloping aroma, melts in the mouth and leaves an unforgettable flavor. On the other hand, the Bronte pistachio granules add a touch of crunchiness and a slightly sweet and salty aftertaste, which complements the chocolate flavor in a delightful way.

Every bite of this chocolate heart is a unique sensory experience that tantalizes the palate and provides a moment of pure pleasure. The perfect gift for all sweet-toothed and dessert-loving mothers.

Furthermore, the quality of the ingredients used makes this chocolate heart not only delicious but also healthy. Bronte pistachios, in fact, are known for their heart-healthy and nerve system-supporting properties.

In summary, this chocolate heart with Bronte pistachio granules for Mother’s Day is a delightful tribute to taste, health, and maternal love. A gift that is sure to surprise and move the mother who receives it.

Weight 0,5 kg

Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, White Chocolate


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