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Sicilian Scented Panettone


Asaro’s Sicilian Scented Panettone is an authentic culinary delight that enchants the senses with its fusion of unique flavors and scents. Prepared with artisanal care and selected ingredients, this panettone pays tribute to the rich gastronomic tradition of Sicily.

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Its soft and fragrant dough, enriched with candied Sicilian citrus fruits, lemon peels, and candied orange, captures the lively and fresh essence of the region. The toasted and crunchy almonds, sourced from the Sicilian hills, provide a touch of elegant crunchiness, while the Madagascar vanilla adds a enveloping and profound sweetness.

Every bite of this Sicilian Scented Panettone from Asaro is a sensory journey through the colors and flavors of this beautiful island. Packaged with love and passion, it is the perfect gift to share special moments with family and friends, bringing a touch of Sicily directly to your table.

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